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Trimming a Christmas Tree Just Like Mrs. Claus
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It seems that people tend to go off in different directions, on different issues, but there is one topic, on which most people tend to agree; everyone loves a beautifully decorated, fragrant Christmas tree. The memories of family gatherings, gift giving, and warm people, come flooding back when you are in the presence of a Christmas tree adorned with lights and ornaments. Learning how to trim a Christmas tree as Mrs. Claus would, can make this once a year tradition all the more special.

Choosing the ideal tree is the first step. Be sure to come prepared with a blanket or tarp to wrap the tree and protect your car from sap, a tape measure, gloves, and a vehicle appropriate to carry your tree home. It is important to measure the location in your home where you will put the tree, and choose a height appropriate for that space.

Your tree should be washed and free of loose debris before bringing it indoors. Once in the house, tighten the tree firmly in it's stand. After the car ride, the tree will need to be completely fluffed up. Arrange your Christmas tree lights, starting on the bottom row, by wrapping them around the branches. I prefer the small, white lights, which seem to blend well with all decor, but there is an array of different types for you to choose from. Be sure to space your lights evenly as you weave them around the branches.

Be creative, try some new ideas for a one of a kind, interesting presentation this year. Your personal touch and spontaneity will give your Christmas tree a completely unique look. Have in mind, a color scheme that you'd like to work with this year. Red and green, purple and gold, and blue and silver, are a few of the many choices available. You may even go neon with pink and green. For a truly festive ambience, use as many features that shimmer and sparkle, as possible.

Based on your chosen theme, elaborate on the decorations. Edible garlands of popcorn and candies are a popular addition, in a rodent free, bug free, environment. Bring the winter indoors with tin icicles affixed to the tips of your tree's branches. Add some beauty to your tree with lace and tinsel, which can be found in most stores. Velvet ribbons or silk flowers in your color scheme, add tradition when tied around the boughs of your tree.

Christmas balls make great fillers, so be sure to include these. Again, your choices are numerous, as Christmas balls can be frosted, solid, and dazzlingly decorated in various colors. For an intriguing one-of-a-kind look, vary the textures and sizes of your Christmas balls, and experiment with graduating shades of the same color. Scattering glitter mixed with sequins, over the tree, is another interesting decorating technique. As the light catches these tiny flecks of color, it will give your Christmas tree an even more brilliant look. When you are done decorating, sweep up any stray needles and glitter.

Decorating a Christmas tree isn't that hard, is it? Your tree will bring much applause, and you will surely be looked to for decorating advice; it seems, that your new-found knowledge has made you a Christmas tree trimming expert.

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